Community Spirit in Troubled Times

Living in a rural area we like to think we are sheltered from a lot of the stress or dangers of the "big cities". Many times that is true. We live in safe and friendly communities with some insulation from the issues that are more common in urban areas. As our world faces a pandemic with many precautions being put into place, our community is not immune from uncertainty and a rapidly-changing world.

Driving in Forman yesterday evening I saw places that usually are busy--the fitness center, the bars, the school,  all had empty parking lots. The nearest COVID-19 case might be many miles away but the same restrictions apply to us as anywhere in the state.

In the midst of tension, however, there is amazing community spirit. Elementary students and teachers  are taking turns reading books to classmates on social media, people are texting where to get toilet paper or coffee, and offering to pick up items for those who can't get out. Four Seasons residents brought smiles to man…

Pick One For Forman and You!

Happy February! Some nicer weather and sunshine helped to get rid of a little snow and remind everyone how spring feels. Is it just me or does seeing daylight at 5:50 p.m. feel pretty amazing? 
Last week we started our Pick1 volunteer campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to:
1. Make people aware of the various organizations in the community 2. Allow people to see the variety of needs within the different organizations 3. Help people to match up their skills and interests to volunteer roles
We hope this has another positive effect in that those volunteering feel a sense of purpose and belonging.  We know that most often people feel more invested in their communities and have a more positive view of their city when they're involved in making it better, even in a small way. 
Many of these roles and tasks are not very time consuming. Some require just an hour or two a year. A few require training or some paperwork but most just involve a willing community members saying, "Sure, I …

Memories and a Message

Last week I shared some old photos of Forman on our Facebook page. After I post these  pieces of city history I’m always amazed at the number of comments and reactions. My favorite thing to see happening on these vintage pictures is watching Forman residents reconnecting. They maybe haven’t been in contact in years but a comment on an old photo suddenly has classmates or neighbors reminiscing together. A photo has an amazing ability to bring back memories of another time, like it was just yesterday.
Seeing the comments and connections posted I was reminded of our city motto. We are a Forever Hometown. Whether you are coming, going, or here right now we want Forman to be that place that brings back a smile on your face as you recall your first job, that neighbor who was like a grandma to you, or playing baseball out by the fairgrounds.
Another great thing about sharing old photos is that people who have longer memories can recall dates and locations to help us identify businesses or hou…

New Year

New Year!
It's the start of a new year, which means new ideas, new challenges, and new energy.   In January the city is launching Pick 1, a campaign designed to raise awareness of volunteer needs in our community. Every resident in our town, and those living in the surrounding area, plays a part in helping our community to thrive.We are hoping this campaign brings awareness of the many organizations that help our city run, and prompts folks to get involved. 

A committee has been hard at work for several months, partnering with Lake Agassiz Regional Council, to create a strategic plan for Forman. Once approved by the council this will be made public. This has been a work in progress since last summer. We sought the input of the community when we had a public meeting in June. We received a lot of great ideas and input at that session, which helped to start the committee's discussions. Housing, businesses, and community development are some of the main categories in the strategic p…