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Community Spirit in Troubled Times

Living in a rural area we like to think we are sheltered from a lot of the stress or dangers of the "big cities". Many times that is true. We live in safe and friendly communities with some insulation from the issues that are more common in urban areas. As our world faces a pandemic with many precautions being put into place, our community is not immune from uncertainty and a rapidly-changing world.

Driving in Forman yesterday evening I saw places that usually are busy--the fitness center, the bars, the school,  all had empty parking lots. The nearest COVID-19 case might be many miles away but the same restrictions apply to us as anywhere in the state.

In the midst of tension, however, there is amazing community spirit. Elementary students and teachers  are taking turns reading books to classmates on social media, people are texting where to get toilet paper or coffee, and offering to pick up items for those who can't get out. Four Seasons residents brought smiles to man…